Melt away PAIN & 350 Diseases by touching your EAR

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Melt Away Pain … High Blood Pressure … Excess Weight … Alcohol or Drug Addiction … Diabetes … Insomnia … and 350 Diseases Doing Nothing More than
Touching Your Ear !

Learn how to “turn off” health problems with a simple,
scientifically-based technique you can use at home to treat yourself.

  If you suffer from chronic health problems … pain … addiction to alcohol or drugs … excess weight … low sex drive … or virtually any disease … this may be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

You may have tried just about everything to heal your health problems, but when nothing has helped, you may feel there isn’t anything else you can do.  However, there is ….

… a little-known treatment based on
an ancient technique that can quickly help even
long-standing health problems. . . in people of all ages.

The simple solution you’ll learn about here is not on the radar of most doctors and other practitioners in the healthcare industry.  The method is so easy, you’ll wonder how it could possibly work.

And it couldn’t be simpler to do.

If you can touch your outer ears and just apply pressure on certain areas — called reflex points — you can say goodbye to those ailments that have bothered you for so long.

You see, each reflex point on the outer ear affects a specific organ or system in your body.  Stimulate that point on your outer ear and the body itself takes over and begins correcting the problem.

You can literally …
Switch Off Pain with Your Fingertips.
Yes, with your fingertips!

Just imagine having a headache … or back pain … or pain caused by arthritis or sciatica … or any other kind of pain.  All you’d have to do is apply pressure on a specific point on your outer ear (called the Pain Control Point).

Once you do this, the outer ear sends messages to the brain.  The brain then transmits “orders” to the body to flood the system with pain-killing biochemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins.

The moment high levels of these biochemicals are introduced in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid, the body kills pain spontaneously — without the use of drug-based painkillers.

So pain is gone … almost instantly.

Endorphins and enkephalins have an analgesic effect, and are known to be just as effective as morphine in stopping pain.  This is why auriculotherapy has been used as a natural way to combat chronic pain and migraine headache.  It’s the healthiest pain relief available with no side effects!

Jump Starts Your Body’s Self-Healing Mechanism

The human body is a magnificently engineered self-healing organism which can do all of the healing and repair work for virtually any health condition … as long as you supply it with a jump start.

Applying pressure on various points on your outer ear is usually the jump start you’ll ever need.  The body’s self-healing ability is awesomely powerful, and always ready to carry out all of the work to fully and quickly heal itself.

All you need is the knowledge of which points to press, and how to stimulate those points.

This amazing technique is called auriculotherapy (aw-RIK-ulo-therapy), also called auricular therapy.  That may not be a familiar term to you — and you may even think it sounds mystical.

Even if you haven’t heard of it before, auriculotherapy is not an unconventional or unproven treatment.  Quite the contrary … auriculotherapy is recognized and approved by. . .

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and

The World Health Organization (WHO).

The treatment is quite simple.  At clinics, licensed practitioners stimulate specific points on the outer ears with acupuncture needles or devices that apply microcurrents.

But the good news is that the process also works by just applying pressure with your fingers, or a small, blunt-tipped instrument –– such as the end of a match stick.

You can successfully use auriculotherapy to treat health problems that have plagued you, your friends or your loved ones for years.

Sometimes the results are so dramatic, that
You’ll Feel Like You’ve Experienced a Medical Miracle!

Imagine having a smoking habit that you want to get rid of.  Nicotine is  about 3 or 4 times more addictive than heroin — which is why the smoking habit has always been one of the most difficult to break.

But if you apply pressure on a specific point on your outer ear (called the Nicotine Point) with your fingers, here’s what happens:

Stimulating the Nicotine Point “tricks” the body into thinking it is still receiving nicotine when it actually is not.  That’s because the stimulation induces the production of endorphins.  The endorphins lock in to the specific neuroreceptors that nicotine binds to … thereby causing the body to think it’s ingesting nicotine.

This is why there are usually no withdrawal symptoms when auriculotherapy is used for smoking cessation.  Once the body loses exposure to nicotine, it slowly loses its addictive neurological pathway, and thus, the body loses its craving for it.

Many people have been able to quit the smoking habit with auriculotherapy even if they’ve failed many times before using other smoking cessation mechanisms.  Some studies show that auriculotherapy is 7 times more powerful than other methods used for smoking cessation.

Pain control and smoking cessation are just 2 of the many medical miracles that auriculotherapy has been shown to cause.  The new book titled The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy reveals a treasury of other medical miracles waiting to happen:

Through the use of auriculotherapy, you could lose excess weight more easily than you ever have before.  When you stimulate the Hunger Point (Appetite Control point) on the outer ear, it helps regulate insulin levels, which promotes reduces the fat storage in cells … and controls appetite and food cravings.  Clinical studies showed an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per weekwhen used properly.

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